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Washdown Solutions

Washdown hoses and stations are an essential part of any brewery's operation. has a wide-variety of options to choose from. From a small mixing station, to an elaborate hose reel, mixing station & nozzle setup, we can guide you in the right direction. More >

Hose Selection and Recommendation

Our Application Specialists are ready and able to help you with selecting a hose that will provide the right output for your individual application. More >

What makes special?

Product Reliability, Product Availability, and Customization are what we do best. We work directly with our customers to design lasting, readily-available hose assemblies to their exact need and specifications. More >

Crimped? Banded? Internally expanded? Huh?

There are many ways to attach sanitary fittings to your hoses. What is the cleanest, strongest, most reliable, least-expensive? Click to see all of our different options... More >

Hose Testing and Certification

One of the most common tests performed at McGill Hose & Coupling is the Hydrostatic hose test. In these tests hoses are filled with water then pressurized in accordance with either the NAHAD standards (usually 1 and a half times working pressure) or in some cases where the customer requires a more stringent test even higher pressures to ensure that the hose assembly is assembled safely and reliably and will exceed performance needs in the field. More >

Custom ID Tagging and Tracking

Have a large-scale brewing/distilling operation and need to track your hose inventory? We have custom tagging and tracking such as Etched Tags & Crimp Collars (Dot Peen), Laser-Etched Tags & Crimp Collars, Color coding, Bundling, Hose Trakker, Electronic tracking of hoses with key data storage, RFID Chips, Customer-Specific Part numbering. More >

Hose/Coupling Safety Surveys

BEERHOSE.COM understands that time is a valuable commodity, but safety is priceless. Invest a few hours of your week to schedule a full facility review of the hoses and assemblies found within your facility. More >

Value Added Business Services

We have Value Added Business Services such as Just in time Inventory, VMI – Vendor Managed Inventory, Blanket Orders, EDI, Asset Tracking, Afternoon UPS, Same Day Shipping, Kitting More >

Cleaning & Finishing

Eliminating contamination in fluid piping systems is becoming more important. Particle contamination left behind from welding, cutting crimping, bending, and flaring is a real problem. We work with our customers to determine the best cleaning processes to meet their expectations. We utilize the following products and methods to meet these requirements. More >

3-A Certified Assemblies

3-A SSI is an independent, not-for-profit corporation dedicated to advancing hygienic design for the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. 3-A represents the interests of three stakeholder groups with a common commitment to promoting food safety and the public health – regulatory sanitarians, equipment fabricators and processors. More >

To ensure safety, quality, and reliability BEERHOSE.COM designs and assembles hose assemblies in accordance with the NAHAD Hose Safety Institute Guidelines.

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