There isn’t much that can extend the life of a hose or cable than a reel to safely store it when not in use.  The right reel can keep hoses off the ground and out of danger from other equipment while allowing the hose to be extended and used as needed when needed.  In some environments like the food and beverage industry cleanliness of even the outside surface of the hose cover is important and stainless steel reels can ensure that food production facilities are able to keep their wash-down and process hoses clean, stored, and safe.

Our reel manufacturers offer high quality reels with a range of options for hoses and cables of all types and sizes.  Reels can be mounted on the wall, ceiling, floor, vehicle, and just about anywhere else a reel might be helpful.  They can be mounted or mobile, hand crank, spring, electric, and hydraulic rewind as the application dictates.


  • Hannay Reels
  • Cox Reels
  • Cejn

Hose reels are an easy way to avoid having a hose damaged while it is not in use, avoid causing a trip hazard, or simply an efficient way to store long lengths of hose while keeping it easily accessible.

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