What's the difference?

With a bunch of different methods, costs, and benefits to each type of fitting attachment for fluid conveyance, it’s easy to get confused on which one would benefit your setup the most! Well, no fear, BEERHOSE.COM is here to clear things up for you!


Clean, economical, and secure. Crimping is the compressing of a ferrule down onto the hose and squeezing it against the internal hose barb. It creates a consistant seal along the fitting and hose, greatly reduces any opportunity for sediment to gather inside the hose and fitting connection and also provides for excellent flow rates.

*To save the cost of a new end fitting, in the event of a hose failure, (if a two-piece fitting is used – non 3-A) it may be possible to cut off the ferrule and re-use the end fitting by crimping a new ferrule.*

Custom Brewery Hose Assemblies

Internal Expansion

Internal expansion couplings allow for “full flow” in a hose assembly. They minimize the build-up of material around the coupling shank and provide a strong permanent connection to the hose. The coupling body is pushed from the inside out, eternally locking the hose between the ferrule and the expanded hose stem, therefore creating an almost seamless edge between the fitting and the tube of the hose.

*In the event of a hose failure, it is NOT possible to reuse the fitting.*

What does full flow look like? Take a look inside the hose here!

Band-it clamp

This quick and economical way of securing a hose is used when higher pressures are needed in a temporary fix situation. It is not recommended for a permanent fix as it could become unsanitary due to hose end exposure and fitting gaps.

If this clamp is removed, the fitting itself can be reused again.

Mechanical Clamps

Great option for a quick and inexpensive way to clamp fittings onto a hose in the event that a quick repair is needed.

This is not an ideal permanent solution because it can easily loosen and blow off under pressure. This could also become quite unsanitary given the exposed hose end and the cracks and crevices in the clamp.

If the clamp is removed, the fitting itself can be reused again.

*BEERHOSE.COM will not fabricate any assemblies using this method.*