Beer acts as a weak acid, dissolving the lime in the concrete. Bacteria can grow in the porosity of the concrete feeding off the sugars that soak in. They key to preventing this build up is using the washdown process. Washdown is the process of using a stream of water to clean a flat or nearly flat outside surface. Typically the area cleaned is a large expanse of concrete or asphalt. The area is cleaned of dirt and debris by the use of the force and dissolving power of stream of water as projected from a hose. Generally, one person holds and aims the hose, though if the hose is longer than 300 feet then another person may be required to help move the hose itself. Water is typically squirted from the hose at a pressure of 300 psi. The hose itself can vary in length from 75 to 425 feet. Though typically the hose when used by a single person is 300 feet long. When building a wash down set up, your needs can include hoses, such as Fortress 300, Blue Fortress 300, and, Saniwash, adapters, mixing stations, and preventative equipment.